Since he first arrived in Washington, Chairman Yarmuth has tirelessly fought to develop economic opportunities so that all Louisville families have the chance to achieve the American Dream.

Louisville has undergone massive economic development during the past decade, and Chairman Yarmuth has seen firsthand how these changes require dynamic leadership to move us forward. He championed federal incentives that revitalized manufacturing in Louisville – and he continues to fight for increased investments in infrastructure, cutting edge research and technology, and resources to promote small business growth. The Chairman knows that worker rights and the ability to collectively bargain are key components of creating a fair and vibrant economy. And Chairman Yarmuth believes that now, more than ever, the government must have an active role in taking on income inequality. That is why he cosponsored legislation to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. He also believes that expanding access to affordable higher education opportunities is imperative for our younger generations’ growth and financial security. He supports a restoration of year-round Pell Grants, providing free community college to students with moderate or low family incomes, and measures allowing students to more easily refinance their federal student loans. Chairman Yarmuth has led efforts to increase federal investments in adult education and literacy programs to better educate and prepare individuals for working success. He also supports increased funding for job training, so that we can help ensure our workforce is the most skilled and able in the world.